Presentation Skills

Your presentation is about your listeners, not you! Engage them from the beginning: ask questions – “Show of hands, how many…?”; tell a pertinent story – relationship speaking; and  move your body to explain – posture, hand motions, facial expressions. Use pause as a transition tool.

Writing Skills

In every e-mail, letter, brief, manual or other document use correct grammar, punctuate correctly, and write in complete sentences. Reread what you’ve written to rid your copy of unnecessary words and adjectives. Less is more in writing. Proof before you press the “send” button; invite a second pair of eyes to help. Write to express, not impress!


Every time to tap on your computer or talk to someone it’s your filter that comes through: your experiences and ideas. Vague language only confuses your readers and listeners. Instead of the ubiquitous “soon,” let them know exactly when: “…by 3 p.m. tomorrow.” Vague expressions are subjective and mean different things to each person; write in “visual” term. “You did a ‘good’ job.” What does “good” look like?

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