As an executive business communications consultant and trainer, Dee Dukehart combines her marketing and professional speaking background with her writing and presentation skills expertise. This expertise enhances executives’ and managers’ written documents and business presentations. She also coaches individual executives in organizing, creating and delivering impressive, memorable and powerful presentations. She’s been a professional speaker, communication’s trainer and presentation skills coach for over 18 years. Dee’s an active member of the National Speakers Association and the Colorado Chapter – a board member in 1998-2000, 2006; a member of the American Society of Training and Development, The Alliance of Professional Women, and 24-Hour Fitness. Her articles appear in diverse publications from “Leadership Strategies,” to “Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau,” to “Surgical Services Management.”

Presentation Skills

  • Do your sales presentations fall flat?
  • Do you dread giving a presentation?
  • Are your presentation points disorganized?
  • Do your PowerPoint slides put your audiences to sleep?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Dee Dukehart will help you.

Writing Skills

  • Have you ever received an email that you don’t understand? What do you think of the writer?
  • Have you ever noticed multiple typos in an email or business document? What do you think of the writer?
  • Do you struggle with either the subject line or first sentence of a document?
  • Do you wish that blank computer screen would write for you when you have a document to write?

If you think the writers are lazy, misinformed or uninformed, your readers think the same of you when your documents are incomprehensible, typo-ridden or disorganized; Dee Dukehart will help you write and produce 100 percent error-free, concrete and complete documents that your readers will want to read.


  • In conversation, do you ever scratch your head and wonder, “What does s/he mean?”
  • Have you left a conversation and completed a task the way you thought the other person meant for you to do?
  • Have your words ever been misinterpreted?
  • Have you ever wanted to say, “No,” and been reluctant to do so and then regretted that decision to say, “Yes”?


If any of the above sound familiar, Dee Dukehart will help you gain clarity in your conversations and give you reasons to say, “No,” and not feel guilty.

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