Dee Dukehart is a professional speaker, coach and consultant with many years of experience

Experienced Presentation Professional

How do you get and keep your audience’s attention?  Every time you get in front of a group of people whether it’s for a sales pitch, a staff meeting, a wedding or a conference you want to get the audience to remember your point(s).

To be able to present well is to give water to the thirsty, color to the bland, and grace to the dancer, not to mention profit to the company and power to the message.  It’s a gift well worth wrapping in creative, clear, comprehensive and customized packaging.

All professionals have to give one, if not multiple speeches or presentations to enhance their career. Public speaking finesse equals confidence, clarity and credibility for a lifetime.

From beginners to refreshers, from fear to flawless, this workshop guarantees invaluable education, enlightenment and entertainment that will assist in your newfound V.O.I.C.E. (Velcro, Organize, Integrate, Commit, Energize)

You are the message and the message is you.


The 4 P’s

There are several methods that can be used to take your professional career to the next level. You could work on a new project, do research, teach students or work with your local / national professional society. Whatever the route you choose, presentation skills are required. These skills will allow you to teach, present technical data and clinical information, and conduct professional meetings.