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Seven Communication Quick Tools and Tips

From Dee Dukehart

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These seven, four-page Quick Tools and Tips help refresh your memory on basic grammar, punctuation and syntax, plus pronoun use; give you “how-to’s” for more powerful writing, communication, and presentation skills; show you do’s and don’ts for your PowerPoint deck; and list a partial group of word worries.

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1- Business and Technical Writing:

Gain more impact and influence with your readers with these easy-to-implement tools and tips.

2- Communication Skills

Gain more and give more specific information when you learn to listen, explain in word pictures and ask the eight questions with these tools and tips.

3- E-mail:

Capture the attention of your reader with a subject line that details your message.  Apply these tools and tips to add quality and professionalism to your e-mails.

4- Grammar, Punctuation and Syntax:

Refresh your memory with these basic and quick-to-remember tools and tips.

5- PowerPoint Slides

Ten do’s and a few don’ts to capture your audiences’ attention with your next slide deck.

6- Presentation Skills:

Your next presentation will be more memorable and eye-catching with these tool and tips.

7- Word Worries

How often do you question which word to use: it’s/its, affect/effect, continual/continuous, etc.? Here’s your list.

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